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Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 Years Old

Happy 4th Birthday!

Ari has been doing so well over the past year.  She had her tonsils removed about 2 months ago due to sleep apnea...we hope this will be her last surgery.  Since then she' been sleeping better and eating more too.  Ari knows many colors, her speech is good, but we are still working on potty training.  She's improved with her eye contact, she use to look to the side many times when she spoke to us, but that has gotten much better.  We are still waiting for 2 teeth to come in, that should have come in around age 2, but she's not missing them!  She's always hungry, her famous words, "Mommy, I'm tho ungry" after she has just finished a slice of pizza, yogurt w/fruit, and a muffin (yes, I know, not a very healthy meal). 

Although I see areas where she is delayed, she has made so much progress and fits in well with kids her age.  Soon she'll be evaluated for pre-school...Yes, pre-school!  I can't believe how time has flown.  I remember the days in the hospital with her, not knowing if she would make it another day and through God's grace, here we are 4 yrs later.  God is so good!

Ari is the Family Clown, very silly.  She truly keeps us laughing.  She also thinks she's the Boss and we are working on that area ;o)  We are forever grateful to all our family and friends who have prayed for Ariana and our family.  Prayer is Powerful!  And we praise God for this journey!

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